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Tirai PVC Strip Curtain
Tirai PVC Strip Curtain
Tirai PVC Strip Curtain
Tirai PVC Strip Curtain
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05 Jan 2021
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1 meter

Specification of Tirai PVC Strip Curtain

We are a company of PVC Curtain West Jakarta which is engaged in distributor of PVC STRIP CURTAIN CLEAR (Plastic Curtain PVC Bening) West Jakarta

PVC curtain strip is a flexible and semi-transparent plastic curtain. Suitable for use in various applications: industrial, bakery, hotel, cold storage, refrigeration truck, to residential. The nature of the PVC material as an insulator and non-flammability makes it the primary choice for use on welding room partition, production room, or cooling chamber.

Types of PVC Curtain according to their function:

1. PVC Curtain Grade Normal
PVC strip curtains are flat, brilliantly transparent and clear. This is useful for temperature applications at temperatures + 50 ° C to -20 ° C. It is available in clear transparent and blue colors.

2. PVC Curtain Polar (PVC freezer)

Curtain PVC type It can keep and reduce moisture and formation of ice snow.

3. PVC Curtain Amber - Anti Insect

Amber PVC strip curtain is reducing glare due to the bright yellow color. Most flying insects identify bright yellow as black and opaque. When anti-insect PVC amber is used in opening the exterior, flying insects are not interested in lights located inside the factory room.

4. PVC Curtain Ribbed
Curtain PVC with a unique two-layer rib-like model, useful for preventing scratches on the distribution traffic of trucks and forklifts, in addition to preventing the appearance of liquid impurities such as fatty oil. This unique rib design keeps the PCV strips clean and durable.

We provide PVC strip curtain in the form of meter and roll with thickness

                                                                                                                  2 mm x 20 cm,

                                                                                                                   3mm x 20cm

                                                                                                                   3 mm x 30 cm 

color that can be customized to your requirement.

We also provide hanging system of stainless or galvanized material size 1 m (include bricket)

We serve delivery throughout Indonesia, both provinces (Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi, West Java, East Java, Central Java, Papua, Jakarta)

We also accept in-place installation.

Price Distributor PVC Strip Curtain Jakarta: CALL


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