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PVC Strip Curtain Blue Clear
PVC Strip Curtain Blue Clear
PVC Strip Curtain Blue Clear
PVC Strip Curtain Blue Clear
PVC Strip Curtain Blue Clear
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29 May 2020
1 roll

Specification of

PVC Strip Curtain Blue Clear (clear blue plastic curtain) PVC Curtains Line is the best solution for the problem below:

- Need a solution to maintain Ambient temperature for your Cold Room?
- upset with insect pests / air pollutants / bacteria enter your building? - Dust, Noise, Heat, Moisture enter your place?
- annoyed opening the door every time the vehicle / engine or pedestrian passes?
- Do you want a separate area for Welding Purpose?
- Do you want to maintain cleanliness in your Kitchen area?
- Want to make a clean room in your warehouse?
- Want to make environmental dust proof for Paint Work Shop? Our products all have key features but the most important is the clarity of our Flexible PVC. PVC Curtain Strips also reduce noise value, limit noise from the spread and noise pollution.

Uk : 2 mm x 20 cm x 50 meter

       3 mm x 30 cm x 50 meter

       3 mm x 20 cm x 50 meter

We received orders from all over Indonesia via the expedition.

We guarantee customer satisfaction by providing the best quality goods.

Please visit our website:



We accept the manufacture of PVC Strip Curtain directly (Stay in the door).


Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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