CV. Sinar Gemilang Packing

Teflon PTFE

Sell Teflon PTFE from CV. Sinar Gemilang Packing in Jakarta. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a tetrafluoroethylene synthetic fluoropolymer that has many applications. The famous brand name of PTFE-based formula is Teflon by Chemours. PTFE is a fluorocarbon solid, because it is a high molecular weight compound composed entirely of carbon and fluorine. PTFE is hydrophobic: no water or water-containing substances wet PTFE, because fluorocarbons show London's reduced dispersion strength due to high fluorine electronegativity. PTFE has one of the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid. We sell high quality PTFE Teflon products at competitive prices.
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