Gland Packing Garlock Style 1333-G Graphite Packing

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Specification of Gland Packing Garlock Style 1333-G Graphite Packing

Product Specification Gland Packing Garlock Style 1333-G Graphite Packing

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Woven from graphite fiber reinforced flexible graphite yarn and high purity graphite filament yarn to provide high tensile strength, low friction and excellent heat dissipation properties Premium flexible Graphite (FG) packaging with field proven performance and reliability. The packing material is reinforced with high purity graphite fiber yarn which gives it an advantage over other low performance reinforcing materials. Graphite filament thread placement adds abrasion resistance for swivel service and anti-extrusion resistance for valve applications. The flexibility of the 1333-G can result in significant savings in inventory investment. The offset square design makes installation easy and ensures a tight seal in worn or oversized stuffing boxes All-graphite-free PTFE construction maximizes reliability and stability at high temperatures, provides excellent chemical resistance and dissipates heat quickly Equipment runs cooler and requires more less water flush Extrusion resistant graphite filament reinforcement in high pressure applications Convenient spool stock reduces inventory and downtime Contains passive corrosion inhibitors No additional end ring material required for valve fitting min. Temperature: -328°F / -200°C Max. Temperature: 850°F / 455°C (Up to 1,200°F in Vapor) pH Range: 0-14 (Except strong oxidizing agents) Max. Valve Pressure: 4,000 psi / 275 bar Max. Rotary Pump Pressure: 600 psi / 41 bar Max. Rotary Pump Speed: 4,800 fpm / 23 m/s valve L

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